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Big Screen Entertainment

The Full HD 1080p HD143X projector is ideal for watching live sport, TV shows or movies any time of day. You can even connect your games console and play games on it with its low input latency. Convenient and easy to set up this bright and versatile projector also boasts Amazing colour technology and conforms to Rec.709 delivering accurate true to life colour reproduction.

An integrated speaker provides you with great sound and two HDMI inputs enables an easy setup. Perfect for connecting a laptop, PC, Blu-ray player, media streamer or games console. You can even turn it into a smart projector by connecting a HDMI dongle like the Google Chromecast™, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV™ to play games, stream videos and share photos on the big screen in the comfort of your own home.

Weighing less than 2.5kg you can take it round to a friend’s house with the optional carry bag for a sports event, movie night or games marathon for the best big screen experience anywhere with a flat surface.


Lights on viewing – 3200 ANSI Lumens
Amazing colour - accurate Rec.709 colours
Easy connectivity – 2x HDMI, MHL, USB Power
Clear, powerful audio - 10W speaker
Amazing colours

Amazing colours

Watch your movies, TV shows and play games with stunning colours in any environment. Optoma projectors provide reliable performance suitable for any content and environment. Our home projectors are capable of reproducing the Rec.709 colour gamut, the international HDTV standard to guarantee accurate reproduction of cinematic colour exactly as the director intended. Or more saturated colours for a punchy looking image, great for gaming and animated movies.

Full HD 1080p

Full HD 1080p

1080p resolution gives you sharp and detailed images from HD content without downscaling or compression; perfect for watching Blu-ray movies, HD broadcasting and playing video games.

Full 3D

Full 3D

Optoma projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation games consoles.

Dynamic black technology

This feature gives more depth to your image by smoothly adjusting the lamp output, based on the brightness information of each frame; to create a stunning high contrast ratio. Bright scenes appear crisp and clear, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and exceptional light and shade detail.

Game mode

Game mode optimises your projector for maximum contrast and vivid colours to capture every detail - leaving you time to focus on winning.

Integrated speaker

Integrated speaker

Complete your home entertainment experience with the convenience of a powerful built-in speaker for exceptional sound quality and an easy set up without the need for costly external speakers.

ISF modes

ISF modes

This feature allows you to save your calibrated day and night mode settings for the highest possible viewing experience.



Most movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps). To preserve the purity of the original image, Optoma projectors can accept high definition sources at 24 fps to display movies exactly as the director intended.



Turn your projector into a smart display by connecting your smartphone or tablet with a single cable using MHL; now you can view presentations and documents, stream videos and share photos on the big screen.



Use the USB-A port to power an HDMI dongle, such as Google Chromecast.

Auto power off

Auto power off

There may be instances when the projector is left running when not in use. To help save energy, the "auto power off" feature automatically turns off the projector after a set period of time if it is not being used

Quick resume

This feature allows the projector to be instantly powered on again, if it is accidentally switched off.

Wireless option

Instantly stream Full 1080p and 3D content from a Blu-ray™ player, set-top box, games console or AV receiver to your projector wirelessly; eliminating the hassle and extra cost of installing long cables using the WHD200 (sold separately).


Universal Carry Bag
Universal Carry Bag
3 Year Limited Projector Warranty
3 Year Limited Projector Warranty
5 Year Limited Projector and Lamp Warranty
5 Year Limited Projector and Lamp Warranty
3 Year Limited Lamp Warranty
3 Year Limited Lamp Warranty
5 Year Limited Projector Warranty
5 Year Limited Projector Warranty
EMEA standard warranty
EMEA standard warranty


Expert reviews

October 2018

The base imagery straight out of the box is pretty decent. 

This is great for daytime use, normal TV, movies and playing games without having to sit in a dark room.

It is a good projector for the mid-range market.

It has got low latency and can be easily used during the day and its relatively quiet and small

It is very versatile and easy to use.

Well worth a look.

The Sun
The Sun
July 2018

Optoma HD143X (£399) – This bargain buy comes from a big name in the projector game, and will get you a very respectable HD image on the wall for under £400. That's not bad at all. It's also got an attractive black casing that should suit most living rooms.

Live for Films
Live for Films
July 2018

I was very impressed. It is a smaller size and a lower price than many other projectors and gives a lovely crisp image.

When watching films it had great contrast, with very dark blacks, giving a clear crisp image with edge to edge focus. There was also virtually no rainbow artifacts, which was great.

When playing video games it also performed extremely well. Colours popped and there was no noticeable lag.

Due to the price and size of the unit, I would have to say that this is an excellent projector. Great value for money and  one to seriously consider getting if you have been thinking about trying one out.

All Things Tech
All Things Tech
May 2018

The image quality is absolutely stunning.  Look at the image quality that this 1080p Full HD projector is bringing and I am sure you will be more than happy with it.

Even in daylight it is absolutely watchable. 


Tech 404
Tech 404
April 2018

"This is one of the best sub-£500 projectors on the market"

It really does do a good job and it is pretty damn good for daytime viewing.  Black levels look really good as do white levels.

HD143X boasts Amazing colour technology and conforms to Rec.709 delivering accurate true to life colour reproduction. This small projector is ideal for watching live sport, TV shows or movies any time of day on a big screen. You can even connect your games console and play games on it with its low input latency.



Owner reviews

Verified Review
A fantastic investment
Zach Coburn, Sheffield : United Kingdom, November 2018.Purchased from Richer Sounds Sheffield
I have wanted a projector for some time now and having been disappointed with a cheap £60 one from Amazon I decided to treat myself and by the Optoma HD143X. The image quality is clear and crisp and easily bright enough to be seen with the curtains open. The projector itself seems well built along with the remote control and it is very easy to use straight out of the box. It came with both UK and EU power cables however it would have been nice to have some more in depth worded instructions as mine only came with a 1 page pictorial setup guide. I still managed to set it up fine and I’m sure there is a full manual online - save paper! Overall 10/10 fantastic projector and superb quality for what you pay.
Verified Review
Made me a believer!
Aaron Ashmore, Coventry : United Kingdom, November 2018.Purchased from Amazon UK
This was the first projector I've ever bought!! I bought the projector as a TV replacement and I'm so glad I did. The picture is almost crystal clear and the colours are outstanding, especially at night. This is an extremely well-made product and many of my friends and family are now considering buying one themselves! The projector is extremely quiet when being used and having light-up buttons on the remote is a great touch! I definitely recommend this product - needs to be seen to be believed!
Verified Review
First impressions
Neil Dodson, Datchet : United Kingdom, October 2018.Purchased from Amazon
In short, ran it up as soon as it arrived and first impressions are that it's spectacular. Short term intention is to use it only for presentations but the power and clarity will make it infinitely more suitable for the challenging situations I find myself presenting in and for quality delivery of the video analysis content I use.
Verified Review
William Eales, Lutterworth : United Kingdom, October 2018.Purchased from Amazon
easy to set up great picture
Verified Review
Greatest product ever!
Joanne scott, Stockport : United Kingdom, October 2018.Purchased from Richer Sounds
I purchased the Optima HD143x 3D DLO projector 1080p HD ready and have been blown away by the quality of this product for the price - great picture and sound quality and really easy to use. Fantastic quality and such good value for money - well done Optoma!
Verified Review
Fantastic really fantastic
Simon, Shropshire : United Kingdom, September 2018.Purchased from Amazon
Over the last 20 years I have always been a fan of projectors for watching films. This Optoma is excellent for the money. It’s better than the one I bought two years ago for 5 times the price. Highly recommended
Verified Review
Great Projector
Robert Shafer, Dublin : Ireland, September 2018.Purchased from RICHER SOUNDS
Having extensively reviewed projectors we decided to go with a HD143x which is fantastic. I would highly recomemnd this projector for a family cinema.
Verified Review
Optoma HD143X - Bedroom Projector Project
Mark, Devon : United Kingdom, September 2018.Purchased from Richer Sounds
Having recently built an extension for a master bedroom and on suite with dressing room I needed a projector that could project onto a vaulted ceiling. the idea being that the projector sits on top of a room divider partition above the bed and projects onto the angled vaulted ceiling therefore when laid in bed you have the perfect viewing angle. Now then, there are issues with this in that the image will have a massive keystone issue because of the angle of the ceiling. The bedroom is minimalist so we did not want screens or a TV on the wall. We needed a low cost, high quality projector with a massive amount of keystone correction. Lens/image shift would of course be better but in the lower cost bracket lens shift generally is not an option. As an occasional use projector we did not want to spend a fortune. Step in then the fantastic HD143X HD Projector form Optima. Low cost, excellent build and fantastic image quality. With the +/- 40 degrees of Keystone correction available this did the job without any noticeable loss in picture quality. It is quiet especially in eco mode and setup was as easy as it gets. The 10W speaker fills a 36 square metre bedroom so much so that at night it is set to volume level 1. The picture is exceptional for a low cost entry level projector. features such as true colour rec. 709, 24fps, Full HD and 3D capable and dynamic black technology makes for a enjoyable viewing experience and fantastic image quality. Connectivity is good with two HDMI ports one with MHL and a USB port that can also be switched on in the setup to provide power to a chromecast device or similar. I have a Now TV box and a Chromecast connected one to each HDMI that gives me all the options I need. There was really no down sides for me, especially considering the price. If I had to I would say the optical zoom at only 1.1x could be better. The size of the projector was a little bigger than I expected. That's about it though. Overall a very good value projector which has a surprisingly good picture and a good set of features and connectivity. An excellent pick for a home/general purpose projector whatever you intended use. For me it was the perfect solution for my luxury minimalist bedroom projecting onto a vaulted ceiling. I would highly recommend it for whatever your use especially if you require vertical offset projection.
Verified Review
Great Projector - Recommended
Paul Mansfield, Cardiff : United Kingdom, August 2018.Purchased from RicherSounds Cardiff
Easy to setup and use. Picture quality is very good, for the money paid its hard to expect more from it. Projecting onto a white wall, overlooked by a large skylight, nice and clear image and of course even better at night. Sound for me is fine on level 1 but a soundbar or quality speaker with line in would boost the cinema experience. Considered a 4K projector but decided not enough content easily available to make the cost worthwhile.
Verified Review
Great projector
Michael Wong, Bracknell : United Kingdom, July 2018.Purchased from Amazon
Great build quality and image even without closing blinds
Verified Review
Fantastic-Value for Money
Suman Ananda, Stoke on Trent : United Kingdom, July 2018.Purchased from AMAZON
I have purchased from Amazon for £350, That is steal. When it comes to product. You can't get the better product with these Features within £500 budget. Pros 1. First and foremost thing is this is DLP from Texas Instruments, Most of the Theaters running with DLP projectors only because of Bulb long life & even when you change the bulb Brightness & Contrast remains as good as new. 2. It supports HDMI Dongle like Google Chrome-cast, Amazon Prime Stick and many more streaming devices, So it means, You can watch any program by steaming device. Not like other projectors won't support Dongle, Even though they have Wi-fi capability. it limits the functionality 3. 3000 ANSI Lumens , that is fanstastic. You can watch in bright sunlight too. 4. Light weight & compact too. Less than 2.5 Kg 5. Its supports MHL. Active 3D means you need Active 3D glass. 6. No lag when you are playing games with PS4. Cons 1. I wish it should have lens cover. 2. I wish it should support auto Keytone correction. 3. Sound could have been better.
Verified Review
Amazing projector, excellent value
Jason Curtis, Bucks : United Kingdom, July 2018.Purchased from Richer Sounds
Bought the HD143X as a replacement for a 7year old HD600X, and am so impressed with the improvement in image clarity (detail definition, sharpness, colour handling, depth of black). The projector was quick and easy to set up (I have it ceiling mounted on the Optoma universal bracket). I particular liked the ‘first install’ set up routine that starts with an easy selection of projection position (ie front / rear / table / ceiling). Another nice feature is the grid test pattern to enable perfect alignment with the screen through both physical positioning and using the digital zoom and keystone adjustment. A further advantage of this newer model is the noticeably quieter fan whilst using in eco mode (perfect for night time viewing or in a darkened room). If viewing in daylight then the ‘normal’ mode provides more than adaquate illumination of the projected image, with a little more fan noise - but once the soundtrack is playing it becomes less noticeable. Overall, I’m really impressed with the projector at its price. I don’t understand why anyone would spend 000s on ‘big’ TV, when for 00s you can have a 100”+ screen size.
Verified Review
Great Projector
Neal Byford, Essex : United Kingdom, June 2018.Purchased from Amazon
HD143x is a great piece of kit. Only gave 4 star as no vertical and horizontal keystoning, No manuel in box and you have to contact Optoma to get full advantage of day and night modes.
Verified Review
Absolutely Brilliant !!
Colin, Stafford : United Kingdom, March 2018.Purchased from Amazon
After already owing the Optoma UHD550X which is an outstang 4k projector i needed another projector for my work place and the Optoma hd143x fitted the bill as it was a really good price! I decided to give this a run in my dedicated cinema room and i was not expecting much as it being an entry level projector, i was proved wrong this is a outstanding projector for the money beautiful colours deep blacks and totally shocked how good this projector is ! Beautiful crisp pictues from edge to edge of the screen ! I was totally blown away with the image ! For gaming and movies is just perfect ! Best £419.00 ive ever spent well done Optoma !!


Display technology
1080p Full HD (1920x1080)
3,200 lumens
Contrast ratio
Native aspect ratio
Aspect ratio - compatible
Keystone correction - vertical
Screen size
0.71m - 7.65m (28in - 301in)(Diagonal)

Lamp info

Light source
Lamp watts
Lamp life (hours)
3500 (Bright), 12000 (Dynamic), 10000 (Eco)


Throw ratio
1.47:1 - 1.62:1
Projection distance (m)
1m - 9.8m
Zoom type
Focal length (mm)
15.59 ~ 17.14
Native offset


Inputs 1 x HDMI 1.4a 3D support + MHL, 1 x HDMI 1.4a 3D support
Outputs 1 x Audio 3.5mm, 1 x USB-A power 1.5A
Control 1 x 3D sync, 1 x 12V trigger


Noise level (typical)
PC compatibility
2D compatibility
NTSC M/J, 3.58MHz, 4.43MHz PAL B/D/G/H/I/M/N, 4,43MHz SECAM B/D/G/K/K1/L, 4.25/4.4MHz 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p(50/60Hz), 1080i(50/60Hz), 1080p(50/60Hz)
3D compatibility
Side-by-Side:1080i50 / 60, 720p50 / 60 Frame-pack: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60 Over-Under: 1080p24, 720p50 / 60
Full 3D
Security bar,Kensington Lock,Password protected interface
OSD / display languages
25 languages: Arabic,Czech,Danish,Dutch,English,Farsi,Finnish,French,German,Greek,Hungarian,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Chinese (simplified),Spanish,Swedish,Chinese (traditional),Turkish,Vietnamese
Operating conditions
5°C ~ 40°C, Max. Humidity 85%, Max. Altitude 3000m
Remote control
Backlit home remote
Speaker count
Watts per speaker
In the box
AC power cord, remote control, Battery, basic user manual


Power supply
100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Power consumption (standby)
Power consumption (min)
Power consumption (max)

Weight and dimensions

Net weight
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)
316 x 244 x 108
Verified owner